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Free downloading free owning and listening
is the only way to aquire us.

No chance to buy or pay...
'cause we are
.. now here .. nowhere.

Nowadays, dollars influence music; major labels push products, not art. "Artists" simply don't innovate, elevate, or challenge standards for fear of estranging themselves from the record-buying public.
The race to platinum is like the Special Olympics; no matter who wins, you're still retarded. Unfortunately, the masses seem to have a hard-on for diminished chromosome counts. You are what you eat ... with every Chingy, the bullshit-fed mainstream audience gets driven into further unconsciousness. We can't stomach the shame of whoring our culture and ourself for fame and fortune. In the immortal words of Prodigy, "this is music for real, somethin you feel".

Lastly, be sure to download Always Horny's Songs, that truly represents a tasteful counter-current to the mainstream. Just listen; it's free.

And trust, there's much more to come...